September 25, 2003

Miss Pamela Ott
P.O. Box 1674
Voorhees, New Jersey 08043

Dear Miss Ott,

Thank you for contacting me about Canada geese population control efforts in New Jersey. As a strong supporter of animal welfare, I too was concerned to hear of the mass gassing of these majestic birds.

The overpopulation of Canada geese is an environmental hazard in parts of New Jersey. Unfortunately, do to the large quantities of geese waste, it is essential to explore population control methods in areas of geese overpopulation. It is important that any methods used are humane, efficient, and effective.

Some non-lethal methods include habitat modification to make the property less attractive to geese, chemical and natural repellants and negative reinforcement such as noisemakers and decoys. At this time, some communities in New Jersey have already completed population control through gassing but I hope other, humane options with be used by these communities in the future. As a U.S. Senator representing New Jersey, I do not have the opportunity to participate in local good population control decisions. Please be assured, however, that I will monitor the population of Canada geese in New Jersey and any future management practices.

Thanks again for you active concern for animal welfare. I appreciate hearing your views and will keep them in mind.

Senator Frank Lautenberg



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