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Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization, Inc. would like to give you the chance to help these feral cats, through our sponsorship program! When you sponsor a feral cat, you help us provide the food, shelter, and medical care they desperately need. A safe, healthy environment is something EVERY cat deserves! These poor kitties are only homeless due to human ignorance and we at Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization, Inc. care enough to want to help what has been done to these cats. All monetary donations of ANY amount are welcome and appreciated!!!! For more information, please contact Pam at SavedWhiskers@aol.com

What is a Feral Cat? The term 'feral' is used to describe cats that have no home. They come from different backgrounds. Some were born in the wild; others had homes at one time. Some will never trust people. Some will learn to trust again, but they all deserve better. Please help us to help them--and to prevent the unwanted offspring that multiply their misery.



Meet Barron, an elusive feral tom cat that SWRO has been trying to trap for 3 years now. Finally, Barron could not resist a new kind of canned tuna and was caught in a havahart trap. Sadly though, not only is Barron FIV positive, but the poor boy was diagnosed with Entropion- an eye disorder that causes the eyelids to turn under, causing the eyelashes to brush against the cornea of the eye. The veterinarian explained Entropion as if someone was constantly brushing the surface of the eyes with a really coarse paintbrush. To help give you a better understanding of how Entropion would feel, it would be like you had an eyelash in your eye but couldn't get it out. I'm sure you could sympathize how uncomfortable and irritating that would feel. Unfortunatley for Barron he had to endure the pain for so long because nobody cared for him. He was considered a nuisance by some neighbors when his only sin was being abandoned living the life of a homeless feral cat without anyone caring for him. But that was all about to change when the founder of SWRO spotted him and took him into safety. With Entropion, either the upper or lower lids can be involved, or a combination of both. Thankfully, only Barron's lower lids were affected. Entropion can cause damage to the eye which may be severe enough to cause partial or complete loss of vision. Squinting, tearing and shying away from light are the most common signs observed with cats affected with Entropion. Barron had all of those symptoms, which could be why he avoided the trap for all these years. I would see the poor little guy walking around the neighborhood with his eye's closed. So many times, I snuck up behind him and it wasn't until he felt my hovering over him that he would run. I asked the vet to check his ears for ear mites and his hearing because I swear he can not hear very well either. While Barron was sedated to be neutered, the vet surgically removed a narrow segment of the skin and muscle from his eyelid and used sutures to permanently evert the eyelid to a normal position so that Barron's eyelids would no longer rub against his cornea. Barron has since been released from the hospital and has been under the founder of SWRO's care, as she is a certified animal nurse. Barron may need further lid adjustment in the future due to tissue contraction and/or growth, but we’ll have a better idea as time passes. The difficult part of “Barron’s” case is that he is not the friendly lap cat that SWRO usually takes in, rather he is a feral cat that is petrified of humans. He tries to protect himself the best way he knows how, which is by his teeth and nails- making it even more difficult to manage his case. Especially, when he needs his daily ritual of medications. Right now he is suffering from an upper respiratory infection most likely due to not being vaccinated in his lifetime, then being hospitalized with other sick cats and not having the immunity for fight the bacteria off. Not to mention he has FIV which already causes his immune system to be weakened. So all his aliments combined and then having surgery to repair his eyes, most likely caused him to catch an upper respiratory infection. SWRO would love to place Barron into a loving and understanding home once he recovers fully, but since homes are already few and far to come by for the healthy animals, it may not be possible considering he is feral cat with FIV. Barron will be fostered through SWRO's foster care program until a home comes through for him. In the meantime, SWRO would greatly appreciate any donations that could be made toward his veterinary care, food, litter treats and toys. If you are able to make a donation, I provided donation links for convenience. But you could always send a donation the old fashion way through snail mail. Our address is listed on the website. Thanks for your support! Barron thanks you too!

Ben & Jerry
Although, SWRO is a cat & kitten rescue, we couldn't help but to rescue this cute little helpless bunny, Jerry. Here is his story: Jerry (beige dwarf rabbit) was rescued at a corporate center in New Jersey, after someone released him, leaving him to fend for himself. SWRO's founder caught Jerry after many tried attempts and brought him inside to safety. Now he has a huge inside pen with many toys & things to keep him occupied. He was examined, neutered, and given a clean bill of health by Dr. Weiss at the All Creatures Veterinary Care Center. Ben (black & white lop rabbit) was adopted from the Animal Welfare Association as a companion for Jerry. It took the two of them a week to become friends, but now it is impossible to separate them. They absolutely adore one another, even despite the fact that they are both male rabbits.
A cat with spunk was found abandoned in Valley Forge Park with having difficulty keeping his eyes open. It turns out, Trotter had an eye disorder called entropion. This disorder caused his eyelids to flip inwards along with his eye lashes. Thereby, his eyelashes were irritating his eyeballs, making it extremely painful for him to keep his eyes open. It’s a wonder how he survived in the park with that condition. Thanks to Dr. James Clinton, VMD of the Animal Eye Clinic in Medford, NJ for surprisingly repairing his condition. He is happy healthy and happy living in his new home with companion cats.
A very lovable lap cat was living in a large carpet warehouse in Langhorne, PA. Smokey was rescued when a warehouse worker alerted SWRO that the owner of the carpet warehouse forbid his employees to offer him food or water even though he was living there for over a year and was used to the employees feeding him. The owner also had plans on calling the SPCA. During his visit to a veterinarian, Smokey was diagnosed with the feline AIDS virus and has since been adopted into a single cat household.

Rescued from Franklin Mills Mall in Philadelphia, PA along with nine other cats that were hiding underneath a dumpster in the dead of winter. One kitty wasn’t so lucky, as he was frozen to death from the extreme cold temperature. Some unknown soul was kind feed them. Unfortunately, they were reproducing rapidly as none of the cats were spayed or neutered. All 10 cats have been placed into homes and are all doing well.

Mama Talula & Her Kittens
Rescued from Philadelphia, PA when they were all put out for trash day. SWRO fostered them, supplied them with veterinary care and found each and every one of them a home.

If you or someone you know needs help with rescuing a cat, please contact us.


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