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Just this side of heaven is a place called the Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies, one who has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends where they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone who was very special to them, someone they had to leave behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The eyes are bright and intent, the eager little body begins to quiver all over! Suddenly that lucky one breaks away from the group, and flies over the green grass, little legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. Happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands once again caress that beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together. . . .

-- Author Unknown

Sadly, Isabelle had a very short life. She was rescued off the street with her two brothers, brought inside to safety, only to become deathly ill after given a vaccination. We are not 100% sure what ultimately killed her, but she went very fast. She is sadly missed by her foster mom & her adoptive family. God Rest Your Soul Little One.

R.I.P. 6-19-10.  "Nellie" who we found at Taconelli's Pizza in Philadelphia has passed away suddenly on June 19th. A wonderful family adopted her last year and when they moved to Texas they brought her with them. She settled in nicely but sadly passed away with no known reasons. Nellie ...will be sadly missed by her family and her foster mom:-( God rest your soul sweet little girl.
R.I.P. 7/1/10 Barry was living in the founders back yard for 3 years before she could trap him. He seemed very feral, even the day we first trapped him. He seemed so aggressive. But really that aggressiveness was just him being scared to death. Barry was a total love bug who loved his rotisserie chicken and his comfy bed. He went through alot during his stay in foster care. He had eye surgery, had all his teeth removed, lots of blood work, but he was a real trooper. Barry had FIV, but you couldn't tell. He acted as happy as all the other cats. Sadly, Barry had a tumor growing in his abdomen that caused fluid to build up making it very uncomfortable for him. We chose to have him humanely euthanized since he was only going to get worse and would have to endure numerous needles injected into his abdomen to remove the fluid and many drugs. The founder really misses Barry, he left a huge pawprint on her heart and he'll never be forgotten. He was in foster care the longest out of any rescue cat. He was fostered for 3 1/2 years. I love you, Barry!
RIP 5/25/10.  GOD REST YOUR SOUL ABIGAIL, (aka Lil girl). After caring for you for 9 years out back of my house, I will greatly miss you. So sad that it took the last 2 weeks for you to really trust me and allow me to close enough to pick you up. I guess you knew that you were really sick and the cancerous tumor was taking over your body.
Dear Chloe, how sad we all are that you had to leave us at the ripe age of 2.  Lymphoma, a terrible cancer took you away from us.  You will be missed terribly by your fostermom's Viki & Kim, as well as your mother & brother.  God rest your soul, sweet little girl.
Beloved Munchie, passed away on 3-19-10 after life saving surgery was unsuccessful.  Munchie's family was with her up until the bitter end.  Munchie will be  sadly missed by her mom, Rhonda & her sister, Crooky.  It happened very quickly and her family feels very numb, mourning her loss.  Crooky gave her sister pug kisses, almost like she knew Munchies time on earth was very limited.  God rest your soul, Dear Munchie.
God rest your soul, Brody. What a sad life spent out on the street for over a year until we were able to trap you.  You lost your eye while enduring the harsh streets.  You were nursed back to health and ready for a loving home when you became very ill and had to be euthanized.  None of us were ready for you to go, but you finally gave up your fight and sadly we had to let you go.  You have left pawprints on everyones heart.  You'll be missed.
Paris, God Rest Your Little Soul. Sadly, Paris snuck out of her owners home while he was loading his car and was struck by a car. Her jaw was fractured in 4 places, Her eye was injured and her lung was bruised. The owners were unable to pay for the costly surgery, so SWRO jumped in to raise funds. Paris faced one complication after the next, the most serious being she was Type B Blood which is rare in cats and hard to find. She needed a transfusion before any surgery. SWRO tried for days to save her, but she ultimately had to be humanely euthanized due to an incredible amount of pain and suffering she was experiencing. She will be sadly missed by her owners Jim & Carol as well as her foster mom, Pam.

will be missed terribly by his family and companion fur friends. Sadly Lukie passed away suddenly due to congestive heart failure.   By the time his owners got him to the emergency vet hospital, it was too late.   Lukie you will be forever missed by your family and foster mom.  God rest your soul.

was such a sweetheart! I found him in a trash can. Later he adopted two kittens after I showed him the Mother I found that was hit by car. I swear he understood me when I said "This is their Mother, their orphans now." He stared at the little body looked at me and went to the kittens. He treated them just like a mother. Washed them, showed them where the food was and even communiacted to them like a mother cat. One time my little cousin came over who is blind and has austism Teddy gave him extra attention put his paws on his knees and ask to be put on his lap so his claws would not hurt him! And Teddy guided the boy's hand to his head to show how to pet him.  He also heeled on command. I really miss him! I miss him so much I am have a statue of a cat angel painted just like him. He truly was like an angel now he is a real one now.
R.I.P. 10/8/08.  Dolce was rescued off the street by some kids, where she was living with her littermate (Gabanna).  Sadly, Dolce became very ill with 104 fever.  She tested a faint positive for FIV.  The vet sent her foster mom home with antibiotics by the next day, Dolce was doing very poorly.  She was rushed to the vet where she was put on IV fluids and sadly passed away.  She will be missed by her foster mom.

R.I.P. 10/7/08 was rescued off the street with her sister where these little kids found them hiding under a shed.  Although, Gabanna showed no signs of illness, she was found dead in her cage.  The vet believes she had a virus that attacked her immune system and killed her.  Gabanna's sister Dolce also passed away, she was diagnosed with FIV and had 104 temperature.  The vet couldn't save  her.

R.I.P. 9/8/08 Willie-bill passed away on September 8th. He was found dead from what the vet believes was a blood clot, killing him instantly. He was in purrfect health and absolutely loved his favorite pal Big Boy Tanner. Willie had a really rough start in life, he was a 5 pound cat when rescued off the streets. You can clearly he should a bigger cat than 5 pounds. He will be sadly missed by his mom & furry family.
R.I.P. 9/7.08 Shkitty passed away on September 7th, 2008. She will be forever missed by her mom, Cindy. She lived 13 years, but sadly it just wasn't long enough. She was the kind of kitty that left an incredible impression on you. She was incredibly smart and always answered when you called her. She followed her mom all over the place. We believe she suffered from the effects of the Calci virus and her body just couldn't handle it anymore.
R.I.P. August 16th, 2008. Selena was a feral cat who lived our on the street for 8 years with her two daughters where they were being fed and well cared for in their colony. Sadly, one day Selena was very weak and her care taker was able to pick her up to bring her to the vet where he diagnosed that she had end stage abdominal cancer. She was humanely euthanized. Her daughters & caretaker will miss her terribly.
had a very rough start in life. He lived 5 years of his life in a cat carrier.  Not a cage where he could at least move around, but a small carrier used to transport cats back and forth to the vet.  Luckily though, Ripley spent the last 3 1/2 years in a wonderful home, Sadly though, he bacame ill and stopped eating and his owner had to have him euthanized.  You'll be missed Ripley.
GOD REST YOUR SOUL!  You were only with me for a short time, but you made a big impression on me.  In fact, you left a big impression on everyone you met.  You were one of those very special kitties.  Constantly nuzzling for affection, meowing to get attention and kneading like there was no tomorrow.  I am so very sorry there wasn't more I could do to help you with your birth defect.  Born on May 28th, 2008 and died on July 24, 2008.  Only two months old, not being able to defecate because your rectum was closed.  I thought for sure you would have made it after the surgery, I am so very sorry I put you through all the pain.  If I didn't think you'd make it, I wouldn't have had it done.  You will be missed forever!!!
never made it to her forever home. Sadly, she became very ill and thin. The vet ran all kinds of bloodwork, prescribed medication but nothing was helping her. She was deteriorating in front of us. One day, her foster mom saw a piece of string hanging out from her backend. Turns out the string was hooked under her tongue, wrapped all around her intestines slowly killing her. After several hours of surgery of having parts of her intestines removed and holes sewn up, she passed away while recovering. Poor little Trixie waited a year for a forever home, but one never came through for her. God rest her soul.
was leukemia positive and sadly passed away before she had a chance in a forever home. She lived with her foster mom Susan for the last 3 years and her companion Elvis for last year. The leukemia virus got the best of her immune system and she passed away peacefully at home. Star will be missed dearly by her foster mom Susan and Elvis.
Snowy Nathaniel
Also known as LoveBug was an affectionate, agreeable and happy cat.   In 2003, Snowy started vomiting on a daily basis and had lost weight. Testing showed kidney disease.  He started on a prescription diet, meds and had routine bloodwork run. That was ok for awhile, but as time progressed, the addition of fluids and daily injections became necessary. Snowy was such a trooper and so brave!  But a couple years later, his health was deteriorating and he was no longer comfortable.  16 1/2 years later, Snowy passed away on June 21, 2007.  Snowy's owner said a part of her heart will always ache and miss the kisses he always reserved for only her, but she knows one day they will be together again.
Mama Talula
was a feral kitty that had litter after litter of kittens on the streets of Philadelphia,  until the day she was rescued by the founder of SWRO.  All of Mama Talula's kittens were adopted out, but she was passed by so many times because she was so shy.  Mama Talula lived a content life in her favorite hiding spots, but never learned to trust people.  About a month ago, Mama Talula was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma and sadly wasn't responding to any of the treatments.  Mama Talula went downhill fast and was euthanized due to her suffering.  She is sadly missed buy ALL, but mostly by her two sons, Tate & Tucker.
was only in Saved Whiskers foster care program for a short time when he was diagnosed with unmanaged diabetes, kidney failure, and the most deadly lympho sarcoma.  This poor boy was put out on the street with all these diseases, de-clawed and left to fend for himself with the harsh winter fast approaching.  Even though Toby was only with us a short time, he will be sadly missed by his foster mom, Holly.
suddenly got real sick within a couple days time.  He was the younger of the two cats that we adopted from you and a very energetic kitty.  He wasn't eating for a couple days and seemed less playful.  Buddy seemed to be breathing alot more rapidly.  We found an animal hospital that was opened over the 4th of July weekend.  The vet put him on oxygen and did an x-ray which showed that he was so filled with fluid they could not even see his heart.  Buddy was in very critical condition and even if we were to take him to a more equipped hospital, the vet wasn't sure Buddy would make it for the ride.  We were going to have his chest tapped to have the fluid taken out,  but the vet felt we would just be biding time.  He said he wasn't sure if it was a tumor or heart disease.  My son and I made the decision to put him to sleep. We didn't want to put him through a lot of pain when the vet thought in the end he wouldn't survive.  Buddy is deeply missed by both me and my son and his feline buddy, Sweets.  Rest in Peace, Buddy my friend.
will be missed not only by his owner, but by his resident cat friends, "Lea & Squeekers". Sadly, Bentley was one of many cats rescued from an animal hoarder where they lived in a filthy, unkept house. In fact the animal hoarder moved out, that's how bad the conditions were. Bentley got a new start on life when he came to SWRO. It wasn't long until one of the SWRO volunteers decided to adopt Bentley. For the last year, Bentley has been living the life of Riley! His owner Holly spoiled him with his favorite wet food and gave him lots of hugs and kisses. Bentley has been buried and crossed the rainbow bridge.
was a feral cat living a harsh life on the streets. Sadly, Gray~Gray was hit by a car head on and died instantly. Thank goodness he didn't suffer. Although, Gray~Gray was a feral cat he has his own way of showing love. When he and his colony was fed, he would butt heads with all his kitty friends and meow to his feeder as if he was saying thank you. He was so adorable. Gray~Gray was one of the first kitten in his colony and before he was neutered became the proud father of some of the other cats in the colony. He will be missed by all! But his son "Rooney" is already waiting up there in heaven for him.
will be sadly missed by his owners.  Teddy was hospitalized at the Veterinary Hospital of University of Penn for 9 days, but unfortunately his liver failed him.  What the doctors initially believed was hepatic lipidosis, may have turned out to be liver cancer. But since Teddy wasn't able to clot his blood nor maintain his blood pressure, his doctors felt Teddy wouldn't be able to handle the sedation to have the liver biopsy done.  The liver biopsy would have determined why his liver failed him.  Teddy was only 6 1/2 years old and will be forever missed!
R.I.P. 8-10-1999 thru 12-13-2005

Winston (Click here for A Lesson In Love)

To my friends,

It is with great sorrow that I announce that my dear feline friend, Winston, passed away this morning. Those of you who had the joy of meeting Winston in person know what a truly wonderful guy he was and what a miracle he has been for the past year. He beat the odds, if only for a little bit, and I feel fortunate that my family and I were able to help him along in his journey. He has been a ray of sunshine in my home for the last year. He will truly be missed.

Rest in peace my Winnie.

Love, Fran.

was such an incredible kitty! She was SWRO's founders first cat she ever adopted. Tabby was adopted 8 1/2 years ago when she was just a little kitten. She left paw marks on everyone's heart who met her. She greeted everyone who walked in the door, letting them know she was the queen bee that lived there. Unfortunatley, without warning she died. Pam came home after a full days work to "Tabitha" slumped over dead, cold and stiff. It was the saddest day ever and will continue to be! She is sadly missed by her MoM, DaD, her G-G and both sets of grandparents.
the lop eared rabbit is sadly missed by all, but especially his best bun-bun friend, "Jerry". "Jerry" was found hopping around town and brought into safety, then "Jerry" adopted "Ben" from the Animal Welfare Association for company. They were best friends. One day they will meet again, but until then...."Ben" has crossed the rainbow bridge.
a feral kitty was killed by a dog. He had bite wounds all over and died a slow, agonizning death. Just one more reason why cats should be kept INDOORS. It just goes to show, that the average lifespan for outdoor cats is not very long. "Rooney" was only a little over a year old. We miss you "Rooney", you'll forever be in our hearts:-(
was such an incredible kitty, he left paw marks on everyone's heart. He was so affectionate and craved attention. But unfortunatley for this poor boy, he was leukemia positive. He was on earth just less than 2 years. He never did get a chance at a loving home, but rather he stayed caged with some other leukemia positive kitties and died among them.
an awesome kitty that was getting a new start in life after living a terrible life at an animal hoarders house, she and 49 other housemates were left unspayed/unneutered and had to fight for the food. "Suki" was rushed to a veterinary emergency hosptial where she was in congestive heart failure. While "Suki" was in foster care she had a wonderful time with the other kitties watching video catnip and playing with her fur mice. She also had as much wet & dry food that she wanted. She will be sadly missed by her pal, "Bentley":-(
was adopted into his forever home and was doing terrific for about 6 months. The new owner adopted a friend, named "Fred" for "Cooper" and unfortunately, one day "Cooper" found his new friend, "Fred" dead his kitty bed. Two weeks after "Fred" passed away, "Cooper" was rushed to the vet because he had stopped eating and appeared to have lost weight. The vet had a poor prognosis, she suspected he had FIP. "Cooper" was hospitalized on IV fluids and medications but sadly enough, the vet staff found that poor little "Cooper" passed away during the night. The necrospy indicated that he did indeed have what appeared to be FIP;-( He is sadly missed by his owners' Christine, Justin and the founder of SWRO who rescued him off the streets.
had been diagnosed with lung cancer. He got real bad towards the end of his days, at one point he just so weak that he stopped getting up, he was dehydrated despite fluids and anemia set in. Whitey became so miserable and was upset to even be touched. His xrays showed his chest just so full of cancer. It took his owner a long time to come to the decision that she needed to let him go. This is what the owner had to say "I can't even put into words how heartbroken I am, Whitey was such a HUGE part of this house and of me. After he was diagnosed with the heart disease a few months ago, I moved him upstairs so he wouldn't be stressed by the other cats. I can't bear to move his things yet, I still cry just walking past the door. I still get up to go give him his medicine, so hard to break these habits, I feel so grateful that I had him to love and I hope I showed him how much he meant to me and how loved he was and always will be. I think it was almost fitting that he went on Memorial Day after I remembered you telling me that his previous deceased owner, Roger was a Veteran. I like to keep a thought that maybe they are together now, that helps me a lot but I still miss him being here with me so much.




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