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The babies daily piggyback ride. They actually really like it.


Hi Pam,

Just a kitty update!! Hannah is doing great she loves her spot by the window and the other day when we had a breeze she was chasing the falling leaves around from the windows! Chauncey is still in remission he is doing great! I think he is part dog though he listens to commands and he begs even though he doesn't get any he is a night cat loves to sneak into my room at like three in the morning and wake me up to get some lovin. My husbands job is to put some pictures on here of the cats I've got some good pictures!! Hope all is well!!!


Rocko & Bella enjoying their naps.
Sue & Sarah

We are all so in love with the kitten.  She has the most adorable and funny personality and she is a lover.  While we are home, we let her run around and have fun.  I put a collar with a bell on her so we can find her, however, she really does not try to hide or keep you from picking her up.  In fact, she wants you to pick her up.  She also eats an incredible amount of food.  I love a cat with a personality and this one certainly has one.  My husband was gone this weekend and when he returned, the first thing that he wanted to do was play with Cally. 

Thanks again!


Kimchee & Mandoo living the life of Riley!  From the harsh streets, to the cozy home of wonderful adopters.

Jameson, Bailey & Morgan- three of the luckiest cats on earth.  All 3 sibllings were adopted together.


We really enjoy Rockwell! He's a talker. Always telling us he's hungry..or wants to be pet...or wants us to get up...and I even think he tells us to turn the fan on. He likes the fan, because it's right in front of the air conditioning vent...and it blows cold air on him. He loves it...lays in front of it all the time. He loves birdwatching too on the window sill. He's just awesome. I can't believe no one else checked him out before us...but I'm glad they didn't. I've had surgery on my knee, and he's with me all the time. I know he must miss Rebba, and I hope I'm able to help him with that. Sometimes people tend to take animal's feelings for granted. They do remember though, and I can't imagine being uprooted like he was. We're trying to make him as happy as we can...and hopefully, his transition from Rebba will be less painful for him. We love him and are very attached to him already. He's just that kind of a guy!! Oh...and my parents came to see him. Actually, they said they came to see me,,,,but I know better. My parents loved him, and he really liked them too. I thought he might run from strangers...but evidently he's comfortable here now...and feels safe. Everyone got along famously. Can't thank you enough, for getting him posted...and helping him find us!!

Susan & Andy

My family adopted two of them a boy and a girl!! They are the sweetest kittens ? They are growing strong and are the cutest and loudest little purring machines ? Thank you so much for all that you do!!


Jameson Morgan and Bailey. My whole world plus buttons. (and Jason most of the time!)


Jameson, Bailey & Morgan are all doing Great!


Thanks Pam!  I can definitely tell which one is our boy, and I'm pretty sure about the girl although they look a lot more alike.

Just wanted to let you know that the kittens are doing great - eating, drinking, playing, sleeping, exploring their new digs, and yes - doing their business in the litter box!  All great things.  Here's a picture of them in their bed at the end of a long playtime...


This is the best adoption my family has ever made, Thanks Pam!


Pawley is living the life of Riley in his new home.  Once a semi-feral cat, now just a lovable house cat.


Cosmos new window perch.  He loves it!


Hi Pam,

Cosmo in one of his favorite spots- Livie's bed.  He's getting Big and doing great!



The girls are doing great!  Keeping guard of the birds;-)

Hi Pam,

Happy New Year!!  I thought it was about time I sent you an update on Mocha and Mango.  Mocha has become a cuddle bunny who follows me everywhere and always wants her tummy rubbed.  Mango is getting big and is very independent!  She is very strong willed but she also likes to be cuddled.  What a pair they are!!  Here are a couple recent pictures.

Thanks again for all  you do for the stray kitties!

Hi Pam!! Happy New Year!!!  I thought you would enjoy this picture of Savannah and her brother now Mr. B playing with their new Christmas mouse!  Just open the file I attached for you!


Hi, Pam.

Had to share:  This was taken last night when Olivia was in the tub.  She makes a lot of noise in there and Cosmo came upstairs to see what the fuss was.  He walked right in and got comfortable on the towel and waited for Livie to get out of the tub!  They are a match made in heaven.  THANK YOU for saving him :D

Merry Christmas!

Kara Cornaglia

Thank you for giving us the chance to raise such sweet and awesome creatures!!

Cristina & Shawn


Here is the latest picture of the kitten I adopted from you on 4/29/09. He's now 7 mos old and weighs 7 1/2 lbs. His name is Boombatz and I love him to death.  Thank you so much for accepting my application to adopt him.


Dana Cedrone


Thought you might like to see how Mocha and Mango (Melina and Penelope) are adjusting.  You can see from this picture that it has been a very tough adjustment for them.  :-)

Thanks again for my adorable babies!

Hi Pam,

Thank you for your kind words!  The kitties are settling in.  I have changed their names, Mommy's new name is Mocha because she has so much brown running through her fur.  The baby is Mango because of her beautiful orange fur!  I'm sure Mocha will come around once she feels comfortable, she has been exploring a lot and did come sit on my lap last night.  Mango has adjusted very well and already racing all over the house!

Thanks again for letting me adopt these 2 beautiful little girls.




Monster aka Sootie is still doing fabulous!...and still eating EVERYTHING!  i love him so
much =)


Pam - thought you'd enjoy this picture of Grace.

Hi Pam,
Sorry it has been such a long time since I gave you an update on Romeo (Jack).  He is the best thing that has ever happened to my family!  His name still suits him perfectly!  He is such a cuddler and lover boy.  Romeo still loves to play with artificial flowers, his mice, and balls.  I saw the video of the cat playing ball, and it reminds me of Romeo.  He plays ball with me on the foyer steps all the time!

I enclosed some of his most recent pictures, and of course he is playing ball in one of them!   I can’t believe he was 5 in March!

Hi Pam-

The kids are doing just fine.  We named them Grace and Jack- after a HUGE amount of debate.  By the end of last night, they were both chasing a toy around their room.  Today, they spent curled up with my roommate, Ron, asleep.  I think Jack is having a difficult time, however, he's come around a LOT just in 24 hours.   Gracie is having a BLAST!  She's so cute!  Jack is definitely more shy, but he loves Ron.  He's currently campede out on Ron's bed between the pillows sound asleep!  I'll send you pictures!


Hi Pam

Dont know if you saw these yet. Chauncey's eyes are all healed up now. This was the first and last time Miki and Chauncey laid on the couch near each other.  Told Marc I was going to document it, because no one would believe me.  I'll try and get some updated pictures and send them to you.


Hey Pam

Monster is doing great!! We are so happy with him! Hes such a mush <3 Always looking for attention... ive become like an annoying new mom who is obsessed with taking pix of her kid and showing everyone heh.

You were right with the rash, I got unscented and cheaper too litter and i also bought that cream and now hes fine..... and still eating everything in sight!!! Everytime im in the kitchen and open something, he comes running thinking its for him. My roommate rescued a cat that was being given up by its owner and hes young and spayed and all vetted up too and him and Monster play together all the time.... its good that he has a friend while im at work =) ok well il stop bothering you now...

thanx again J

Nellie has been moving from room to room. One night she sleep with the boys, another night with Scott and me, then next night she is in Melanie’s room then the two little ones room. The cutes thing she does, is perch herself on the top two steps and watches the kids play in the two rooms, and every once and a while she meows and one of the kid will rush over and pet her until she drools. As we speak she as found my bed the best place to rest today, The past two months have been Hell for us, But I’m still Glad we have Nellie, She is so loving and can make anyone of us smile and feel better.  When I get a chance I’ll take some pictures of her being silly, but I do have a picture of her and Jerry together :)

These animals are living the life of Riley!!!


Here is KING MIKI!!!
Thought you'd like to see what a TUFF life Miki has.


Hi Pam-

Here are the pictures I promised.  Thanks again, Pam.  Polly has come a very long way and continues to do so.  She is such a sweet cat.  Chief loves her a lot too, they are great friends.


Hello again,

Well he's safe and sound =), thank you again!  He cried the whole way home, but once he got in the house he was fine.  He's been hiding under my bed for the most part, but comes out to explore and be petted. I'll keep you updated.



This is Levon.  The million dollar kitty!



Nellie is doing really great. I’m so excited! She is so sweet and loving, she even made her way to the upstairs and laid between the girls room last night, she went down the basement steps on her own and used the litter box, eat her food, and explored the whole house, and when she gets scared or nervous she returns to her pile of folded blankets. I to was very worried about her settling in, but she made herself right at home. We all Love her so much. The kids got up this morning and went right over to her and said good morning while rubbing her belly. Jerry and her are still doing the hissing match, but have not gotten physical. I know after a couple of days these two will be best friend.  She has gotten pretty good on ignoring the dogs when they bark as well.



Thought u might like to c a pic of maya at 5.5 yrs old now....and soho at almost 4 hrs old.  Can't believe that i've had them for that long when i got both as kittens.


Dear Pam,

I'm sorry to have taken so long to keep you up-to-date on our beloved Shiloh.  She is fine, happy and loved. She is adorable beyond words.  Her tail is so long that when she leaves a room, her tail leaves 15 seconds later!  She goes under a chair, thinking she is invisible, and her tail is sticking out.  Too cute.

Warm regards,


We love them to death. They're great-great kittens. They're getting big (they love to eat!).



Hi ! I wanted to give u an update on our kitty we got from you!! She is doing great! Still a little shy but she now will come to us. Especialy my son. She sleeps on my feet and attacks them when I move them!! She absolutely loves my big cat mickey mouse ! She always lays with him and follows him around the house!! As u see in the picture below "SOCKS" is very happy and spoiled here!!! I did not call for the papers yet in which I need to do for medical records! Please also let me know of any kitties I can help u find homes for!! Thanks for our little bundle of joy she is soooo playful!!


Hi Pam-

I just got a funny picture of Fonzie (him and Hummer reclining in the  chair together) so thought June might like this one. And then there's Levon  on top of the linen cabinet! That's supposed to be Hummer's secret  hideout and Hummer was not at all happy when Levon crowded the  space. It is so close to the top of the ceiling that can't even sit  up there....there ears just about hit the top while they are laying  down. Levon is still doing better.....he gets a check up on the 5th  so I'll let you know if he's all fixed by then.


Best Of Buds! Mikimoto & Catsanova

Two luvbirds!  Started out as a foster kitty, but he loves his cat friend so much that they won't part with him.

Attached are two pictures of Sophie and Simon I took last week.  They look like a couple. 

Thanks again for your help to get us Sophie before Christmas!  In one week, her arms, body, and tail grew 2 inches longer.  Amazingly quick. 

All the Best,

Happy New Year!
Love Miki Moose & Catsanova

Hi Pam,

Thought I would forward you a photo of my brave little girl.  Leah really is my miracle cat and it was great to see her sitting so proudly today that I had to capture it on film.  It still amazes me that this is the same cat that arrived here so many years ago - quite the transformation.  I knew you would enjoy it.

Happy New Year!!!

Molly & Emma anticipating the arrival of Santa.
Here's the little monster.  He's bad!!!!  But adorable!  He has the funniest expressions.  And he loves to play.  He can entertain himself for hours.  He also tortures the other cats but there's evidence that he's starting to settle down.

I wanted to send some pics of the boys, they are so big now. They are bad (kitten bad) but also very loveable and adore Ella. Bear gives kisses and Teddy is a cleptomaniac. I know one day I'll find a stash of stuff he has stolen. They are very active and very healthy. I really thought Teddy was going to be smaller then Bear but has now out grown him in size and weight. They are so different but play so well together. Not little anymore!
Have a Great Holiday!


HI Pam-

Despite all these pictures of Levon lounging---he's quite the energizer cat! Top picture-- notice Levon in bed with his look alike cat. Wiggins "let" him on the bed but notice how Wiggins is just about falling between the mattress and foot board to make sure he has a distance from the new cat?!?!?!? This is really funny to us because Wiggins normally does a perimeter search around the bed and he still doesn't let one of the other cats up!


Hi Pam,

Me and the kitties just wanted to say Hi. Took this great pic of Elmer and Leah (still the best of buddies) that I knew you would enjoy. Hope all is good with you!





Here is Pawley laying on a pillow, like the Prince he is;)


Hi Pam-

Thought u might like a more recent pic of maya and soho, they're such fat tubbies now. My friends call maya 'pleasantly plump' and soho 'obese kitty'.



Here are a few pictures of KitCat. My mom and he are getting along just great. He still has to realize my mom doesn't get up at 5:30 am so that he can have breakfast. (hee hee) He comes when my mom calls him and enjoys watching television with her either perched on the top of her chair or sitting on her lap and the arm of the chair at the same time. He is a social eater so my mom gives him treats when she is eating her dinner in the living room. I think it's to keep him from trying to help himself. He likes to see if he can have some of her cookies. We are trying to teach him that her cane is not for belly rubs. This is somewhat difficult when she is walking but she just walks slowly so she doesn't trip on him.

Thank you again for allowing her to bring him home. 


Hello Cynthia,

We picked up a little kitty from you approximately 2 weeks ago (the litter of 3 orange and white tabby-cats); we took our time selecting the one that would best blend in with our older cat at home (who had quite an attitude!). We decided to choose the most quiet and docile of the three, and how lucky we are!! Though Alli (the third name that we tried before finally settling) came out of her shell immediately, we were most surprised at how quickly Pokey (the older cat) took to her. Even though they weren't the best of friends during the first few days, they finally warmed up to one another. Now they can't leave each other alone!! I've attached a few pictures of the kitty and her friends (hopefully they make it through email okay). We would both like to thank you so much not only for ultimately getting us together with Alli, but also for your general kindness in rescuing these needy and helpless animals. The world would be a much better place if more people took the time to extend a helping hand.

Thanks again,

Pam -- our new baby is HOME!  She sat on my lap in the car for the entire trip and was purring (either because she was happy or trying to calm herself -- I'm not sure!) and she was so delightful.  She is very curious.  We brought her in her own room and she ate immediately!  She has already used her litter box and is exploring the little beds we have for her.  Nicole, as you said -- when she hears our voices, she looks up at us.  I love her so much already, I can't tell you.

THANK YOU -- so much, for entrusting this sweet life to us and letting us love this little angel! 


Thanks for the email and the paperwork. The kitties are doing great
we love em a lot already. They both have great personality.

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